If you are new to blogging or are just starting a business, determining your design may be the hardest project you have had to tackle yet. Your brand design is an extension of yourself which can make it nearly impossible to select the perfect logo, color palette, fonts and templates. Which is why I created a fail-proof design process that creates a step-by-step guide to ensure you can create a design that is perfect for your brand.


Research. Take out every page you have written in so far. Examine it and figure out what it is telling you. Is it showing that your target audience prefers friendly over professional? What sets you apart from the competition? How do you offer value to your audience? Use everything we have worked on so far to help guide your design.

Get Moody. Make a mood board. Pull everything you love about other people’s brands, color palette’s, fonts, everything, put it in a secret Pinterest board. Take out what doesn’t work together, duplicates, and copy-cat ideas to create your perfect mood board. Examine it closely. What does it makes you feel? Does it convey your message? If not, try again. The mood boards below can be found in The Better Brand Workbook.

Moodboard Template 1 - design process      Moodboard Template 2 - design process      Moodboard Template 3 - design process

Be Inspired. Once you have your mood board completed and perfect – it’s time to design. If you don’t have design skills – that’s okay! Use a designer you trust or find an amazing online course to learn some of the basics. If you do have the design skills, it’s time to start doodling, sketching, and creating. Let this process take time. It is the basis of your brand identity – so don’t rush it! Work on your logo and brand guide at the same time. They need to work together in harmony so you want to create them while thinking about the other. I have tips + tricks listed below to help you design your brand easier. Get a free brand guide from my resource library, here.

Test It. So, you believe your design is finally perfect. Well, it’s time to test it out. Go where your audience is and see what they think. Ask friends what they feel when they see your brand, not whether or not they like it – that won’t help you. Ask fellow designers what they think. Once you have gotten your feedback, figure out what was useful and what wasn’t. Most importantly, trust your gut. Adjust accordingly.

Celebrate. Designing your brand is stressful and hard so enjoy the little wins.

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Let me know in the comments below what you wish you would have known prior to reading the Fail-Proof Design Process when you were creating your brand.

Creating your brand's design or style guide is a huge task to take on. You need to create a logo, create templates for Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, and design your website. But, how do you do it without messing up? You follow my fail-proof design process for beginners. Yay!

Fail-Proof Design Process for Beginners

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