As you’ve probably heard, I have a shop on Creative Market. I’ve tried to keep people in the loop on what I’ve been adding to the shop, but to be honest, I haven’t done a great job. What can I say, I don’t like being sales-y. So, once again I’m not going to talk about what I sell, I’m just going to talk to you about how well the shop is doing!

I opened my shop in the middle of February and I have already been able to rank at the top of the search results. In the below screenshots you can see an example of my products in the top place ranking.

I’m not telling you this to brag (although I’m pretty excited about it), I’m telling you this so you can start succeeding on Creative Market with me! Below I’m sharing all my tips for finding success on Creative Market without using one ad or promotion. Find out how I did it, below:


1. High quality screenshots

Creative Market allows you to use a lot of images to promote your product. If the image is blurry, uninviting or illegible, I won’t even stop long enough to find out what it is. Don’t let an amazing product be sabotaged by a bad screenshot.

When creating a great screenshot, make sure it pops. Use different angles, colors and fonts and see what stands out best. And don’t forget to show the product being used. What good is a template if I don’t have an example of it completed? Why buy a font if I don’t get to see it written out as a quote? Demonstrating how I can use it helps to expand my creativity and likelihood of purchasing.

Pro tip: Use a minimum of five images, while I think over a product I like to look through multiple screenshots. Show me different examples of it being used, it’s variations and the endless possibilities.


2. Use lots of keywords

When you are working on a new product for Creative Market, it gives you the opportunity to add tags. These tags help you describe your product and get your product found. So, don’t dismiss them! Add tons of keywords that enrich your product description and can enable users to find your product even easier.

For example, on my Modern Branding Bundle Template I use all of these tags:

small business bundles, blogger bundle, blogger, blog templates, templates, modern design template, business card template, invoice, invoice template, business card, media kit, media kit template, bundle, small biz bundle, brand, brand design, modern and brand bundle.

The name of my actual product is somewhat vague. A Modern Branding Bundle could mean anything from a brand board, to a website template to a logo bundle. Yet, it’s none of those things! It’s a bundle of brand stationary, which is why I use the tags to specify what’s included (as well as listing them in the description).


Looking for more keyword inspiration? Sign-up for my Resource Library and get 160 Free Keywords!



3. Post regularly

I have found that Creative Market rewards those who remain active on their website. If you are consistently sharing new content and adding new products to your shop, the more likely your products are to rank higher amongst it’s competition. I have found that a good way to keep your products on the up and up is to share one new product a week. If the thought of sharing one new product a week sounds horrifying, don’t worry, my next tip covers how to easily achieve that.


4. Re-purpose your content

So, you happen to live a hectic life where you aren’t able to create amazing and lust-worthy products every week, I’m shocked! jk. No one has the ability to keep their output high without losing quality, and I definitely don’t suggest losing quality. I suggest re-purposing your content. Remember that bundle I referenced in the second tip, that is just a compilation of other products I had already made.

Not only does re-purposing your content week your output high, it helps you come up with more keywords. You’re able to combine more combinations when there are more products to reference. This is also going to get your product found easier and get you more sales. cha-ching.


Do you own a Creative Market shop or are interested in starting one? Tell me about it below!

If you have a Creative Market shop, you know it can be a challenge to start getting sales. My most recent post gives up all my best tips for skyrocketing your blog or business into success on Creative Market. Plus, you have the chance to get 160 FREE keywords perfect for tags on Creative Market.

4 Tips for Success on Creative Market

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